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100 Doors 2

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100 Doors 2
Android - English
100 Doors 2 is the sequel of the 100 Doors puzzle game where players have to solve a lot of riddles. The goal is to open a door to get out of the room. The player will have to guess which item can unlock the door. This game is calling on players' skilled strategy and intellectual potential to find out all solutions and win in the game.

Key Features

As its name already suggests, this application includes exactly 100 doors to open; each one corresponding to a level. The players' objective is to find out a way to unlock the door and get into another room. The more the player enters to other doors, the more the game becomes difficult. Gamers can experience the excitement of playing detective. 100 Doors 2 requires various manipulations and each one of them is different. The gamer has to make use of all various commands on the Smartphone to facilitate and activate a movement. For instance, tilting the Android enables to move the item. Apart from that, a tap and swipe can pick up and move an item to a given place. Almost all riddles require using specific objects in 100 Doors 2. Each game level is assigned several items such as balls or wrapped gifts. Every item is adapted to any puzzle and the player has to cleverly select them to get out of the room.


  • 100 Doors 2 features high-quality graphics.
  • It is downloadable free of charge.
  • It is continuously updated with new enhancements and items.


  • There is nothing special to report.
Latest update on September 23, 2016 at 12:05 PM.
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