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A Better Camera Unlocked

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A Better Camera Unlocked
Android - English

A Better Camera Unlocked is the paid version of A Better Camera, the camera app for Android phone. Images taken via this application are of unique and high-quality. It also enables to enhance and edit the image. This application is developed and published by Almalence. New features have been added to this version and some bugs fixed.

Key Features

  • Shooting modes: A Better Camera Unlocked gathers several shooting modes that the Android user can profit from. For instance, it is possible to capture an image with the Self-Timer mode and the Night mode. Combined with these, it counts 11 shooting modes.
  • Image editing: once images are taken, A Better Camera Unlocked gives users the ability to edit the image. By editing, we mean changing and adjusting the Exposure, Scene mode, White Balance (Black & White, grayscale, etc.) and still many others.
  • Unwanted object removal: with A Better Camera Unlocked, another feature helps to remove an object from the captured image. For this, the app user just has to tap on the appropriate icon, then on the object to get rid of.
  • Sequence shot and Pre-shot: apart from these features, A Better Camera Unlocked also enables to shoot what is happening before the user taps on the button (also known as Pre-shot). The Sequence shot, for its turn, enables to capture the development of the dynamic scene.


  • A Better Camera Unlocked gives full access to Camera controls, functions and settings.
  • The interface is intuitive.


  • Nothing to report.
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