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Adventure With Companions

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Adventure With Companions
Android - English

Adventure With Companions is a 3D game developed by Robledo Software LLC. The player's aim is to create his own world with materials provided by the application. It can be played with other online players requiring Internet connection, obviously. Other features are put at user's disposal and some of them are detailed below.

Key Features

  • Game principle: the player is given all the necessary materials and tools to create his own world with another player. For instance, Adventure With Companions gamers are granted with several blocks for building, grass, torches and cobblestone. Combined together, these elements can build up a new world.
  • Multiplayer mode: Adventure With Companions can be used as a Player versus Environment, Player versus Player and Multiplayer mode. The game supports about a hundred players in a given world. They have to work together to build a world.
  • Chat: this option enables all players to talk together directly on the interface of the game. Indeed, the gamer just has to connect to the game (choose a name and select sex) and conversation can start. For example, they can discuss on a new building to construct or other topic.
  • Enhancement: new blocks, new skins and other improvements have been added to the game for this version. Apart from that, brand new elements for a Role Playing Game mode are to come in Adventure With Companions.


  • Adventure With Companions is similar to Minecraft.
  • It is quite addictive.


  • Nothing special to report.
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