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AirSync: AirPlay & iTunes Sync

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AirSync: AirPlay & iTunes Sync
Android - English

Developed and published by Double Twist, AirSync: AirPlay & iTunes Sync is nicknamed by several users as the iTunes for Android. This is probably due to the fact that the app enables to synchronize iTunes and Airplay on Android mobile phones or tablets. This does not require the installation of iOS. It helps to sync music, photos and videos.

Key Features

  • Wireless synchronization: AirSync: AirPlay & iTunes Sync enables to synchronize multimedia files without wires. This means that this app is making it possible to sync audio, photos and videos with Mac or PC thanks to the home Wi-Fi network.
  • Streaming option: this feature is making AirSync: AirPlay & iTunes Sync handy. Indeed, it enables to stream multimedia files directly from the Android phone or tablet to Apple TV, the black model. Apart from that, it can also work with Zeppelin Air and Yamaha RX-V473.
  • Sync with Mac or PC: synchronization can be done with computers running on Mac or Windows Operating System. It enables to scan and import the iTunes and Windows Media Players library effortlessly. There is no need to be an iTunes user to sync audio files with AirSync: AirPlay & iTunes Sync.


  • AirSync: AirPlay & iTunes Sync is a must for Android phones or tablets users.
  • AirTwist setting no longer needs to be enabled to stream video to Apple TV.
  • iTunes playlists and ratings as well as playcounts can all be synched and modified on Android.


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