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Amerzone The Explorer's Legacy

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Amerzone The Explorer's Legacy
Android, English
Amerzone The Explorer's Legacy is the Android version of this Point and Click adventurous PC game. Far from being a simple porting on mobile devices, it is also an adaptation for touch-screen devices (mobile phones or tablets). It is a first person adventure game developed by Microïds' Anuman Interactive and developed by Caterman and Ubisoft.

Key Features

  • Gameplay: the player is brought into different corners of the world. He is playing a journalist who has to fetch the egg of a rare white bird to a specific location in the fictional jungle of Amerzone. Amerzone The Explorer's Legacy lets the gamer solve various puzzles to find out the place of the special egg.
  • Graphics: Amerzone The Explorer's Legacy features detailed and high-definition graphics. This game is using the same 360° technology which is available in the PC version. This enables to put the scene under the microscope from top to bottom in order to find clues and tips to solve the enigma.
  • Soundtrack: the game's soundtrack is also of great quality. The sound effect of the environment is particularly neat, allowing the player to get immersed in the adventure. Character's voices are available in English (it is initially in French) to facilitate the understanding of the scenario.


  • Amerzone The Explorer's Legacy offers a high-definition cinematic.
  • It takes about tens of hours to complete the adventure.
  • The game is available in several platforms.


  • The installation file is quite heavy.


Latest update on May 30, 2014 at 07:45 AM.

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