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Bank of America

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Bank of America
Android - English

Bank of America is a mobile banking application officially developed and published by the Bank of America Corporation. Available in several platforms, this one is reserved for Android mobile phones and tablets. It is utterly secure and enables a free access to one's account via a mobile device. Several features are put at user's disposal and some of them are detailed below.

Key Features

  • Mobil Check Deposit: thanks to this feature, the user can easily deposit a check without going to an ATM or a banking center. Bank of America only lets the Android camera and the Mobile Banking App to perform a deposit. It enables to take a snapshot of the front of Check and its back in order to scan and code it. Right after that, the deposit can be done easily.
  • Email and Mobile transfer: via this application, Bank of America users can easily perform regular account transfer between different Bank of America accounts. This process can be scheduled, reviewed and even cancelled if needed be.
  • Push notification: users can be alerted of any change and update on their bank accounts. This does not require them to be connected to Bank of America. This can prevent them from late fees and overdraft fees. After that, a transfer can directly be done.
  • Security: users can profit from Online Banking Security Guarantee. Bank of America

enables users to sign in the same way they do with Online Banking. Private information is secured and transfers are encrypted at hundred percent to avoid hacking and data theft.


  • Bank of America is a free application.
  • It is a must.


  • Some applications may interfere with the performance of Bank of America.
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