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Brandnew Boy

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Brandnew Boy
Android - English
Brandnew Boy is a 3D role-playing game developed by Oozoo Inc. The player is put in the shoes of Rookie. The player is alone in an unknown place and bloodthirsty natives (demon-like creatures) are tempting to kill him. He is accompanied by a television-faced robot to help him throughout the way. This version for Android devices offers a breathtaking 3D combat adventure.

Key Features

  • Controls: through simple taps and swipes, the gamer can easily perform different moves to create combos and fight against enemies. Brandnew Boy has been especially enhanced to match touch-screen devices. Clutter and bugs are avoided.
  • Dynamic combats: each enemy approaching Rookie is given particular styles of combat. Rookie is also free to perform special attacks with shields, swords and other weapons. Brandnew Boy player has to tame new tactics to win all battles.
  • Game mode: Brandnew Boy grants its players with two modes that have to be selected at the beginning of the game. Graphics, soundtracks and characters are not the same in these two modes that are Scenario Mode and Infinity Mode.
  • Level and statistics: players can profit from several levels. Each level is assigned special foes that Rookie has to fight in several battles. Apart from the level, the number of won points as well as killed enemies appears directly on the interface.


  • Brandnew Boy is addictive.
  • Graphics are gorgeous and ditto for soundtracks being played back during all levels.
  • BGM Playing error is fixed.


  • Nothing special to report.


Latest update on May 30, 2014 at 07:41 AM.
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