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Bubble Witch Saga

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Bubble Witch Saga
Android - English
Bubble Witch Saga is puzzle game developed and published by It is first launch on Facebook and is now available on several platforms from July 2014. The gamer has to help sorcerers fend off evil spirits that are invading and plaguing the country. This epic sage lets them travel the realm and win the land step by step for every completed level.

Key Features

  • Gameplay: unlike other puzzle games, Bubble Witch Saga offers a quite different plot and setting. Players are plunged into a fantastic and enchanting world where they will have to help witches to save the country. For that, they will have to create combos, win points and defeat evil spirits.
  • Levels: this game grants players with more than 500 levels. They will have to be caution and careful when creating combos. This game is calling on gamers' speed finger and precision. A weekly update is provided by the dev eloper with new levels and enhancements.
  • Bonuses: when aligning several combos, the player can win bonuses and thus, upgrades to another difficult level. With Bubble Witch Saga, bonuses can be bombs, doom bubbles, spider webs and still many others.
  • Potions and charms: to higher up to a new level, Bubble Witch Saga also offers some kinds of booster or power-ups. This turn, they are in form of potions and charms which can be used to level up in the game.


  • Bubble Witch Saga is downloadable free of charge.
  • Scores can be shared and rank can be consulted on social networking websites.


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Latest update on May 9, 2014 at 02:06 AM.
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