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Camera ZOOM FX

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Camera ZOOM FX
Android - English

Camera ZOOM FX is a camera application especially designed for Android devices. It offers several options for taking pictures, editing images and still other features. It is integrated with a sharing function which can be of a great help to share images with simple taps on some social networks. It is developed by AndroidSlide.

Key Features

  • Camera shooter: Camera ZOOM FX can replace the Android's camera. Shots are far improved and users are given the ability to customize all hardware buttons as well as settings and grid overlays. It also offers a live preview option for some effects.
  • Shooting modes: concerning this point, Camera ZOOM FX gathers a complete collection. Indeed, the camera enables to capture images in Stable Shot, Burst Mode or Time Lapse mode. Another interesting option is the Voice Activated mode where a clap or shout.
  • Image editing: this application includes several editing tools that can enhance the image. For instance, Camera ZOOM FX enables to apply filters such as sepia or black and white. It is also possible to add frames and buddies to them. Shots can be resized, cropped and even distorted with simple swipes on the screen.
  • Sharing option:


  • Camera ZOOM FX can geotag images, meaning that it can write metadata of where the shot has been taken.
  • This application offers some free download packs such as Frames and Fun props.
  • The output can be stored in the device or shared to friends and families on social networks.


  • There is nothing special to report.
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