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Candy Star

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Candy Star
Android - English
Candy Star is a puzzle game developed and published by MOM GAME. With a colorful interface, the game challenges the player in associating and aligning candies of the same colors and shapes. The objective of this classic candy-matching game is to burst them all and win the highest score. It is a three-matching game that can be played on all Android devices.

Key Features

  • Game principle: in Candy Star, the gamer has to move the candies to create combos with at least three identical candies. Once combined together (horizontally, vertically or others), they automatically burst and disappear. Via this action, the gamer wins points and can even be upgraded to another level.
  • Bonuses: when upgraded to another level, new goodies appear on the interface and ditto for the level of difficulty. In order to quickly upgrade to another level, Candy Star developer added a bonus system that can be acquired without difficulty. For that, the gamer has to create a maximum of combos without any mistake.
  • Evaluation: if the player wishes to reach the best score, he must crush the result displayed at the top of the screen. Scores for each level are also showed off on the main interface of Candy Star to motivate the player in the game. The best way to get the top score is to eliminate a large number of sweets in the fewest moves as possible.


  • Candy Star can be downloaded and played for free.
  • This game does not require any time limit.
  • This is quite addictive and uncomplicated to start up.


  • Nothing special to report.


Latest update on May 13, 2014 at 01:07 AM.
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