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Who has never been yelled at just because he did not see and answer the incoming email? POP Peeper Professional puts an end to this problem with its email notifier.

Key features

The program allows the user to customize the sound of notification for each account. He can choose whether a music or a voice. When the email arrived, a Balloon Tip also shows its subject and the sender too. This feature allows the user to know whether the email is a spam. He can also customize it like setting some rules for spam mails for instance. It will also alert the user of the legitimate mail. POP Peeper Professional will save the user's reputation with this spell checker function. It runs in real time and the misspelled words are highlighted for clear distinction. A dictionary is also available and he can even add new words.


Its simple interface makes it easy to handle. Other languages can also be added to the dictionary. Web of Trust option has been integrated for safe browsing over a link and avoiding phishing scams.


This is a trial version of POP Peeper Professional.
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Latest update on March 26, 2018 at 05:16 AM.
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