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Coin Rush - Free Dozer Game

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Coin Rush - Free Dozer Game
Android - English
Developed by Pocket Casino Games, a professional in slot machines, Coin Rush - Free Dozer Game is a virtual coin pusher game designed for Android devices. This game comes with a 3D and high-quality graphics in which the gambler can choose his destination among the 4 available therein.

Key Features

  • Game principle: as in a real casino game or a slot machine room, the player is asked to introduce coins in the slot and tap on spin. The goal is to push coins that are already present there to make fall even more. He can get tokens, rare items and bonuses with special effects.
  • Prizes: Coin Rush - Free Dozer Game provides hundreds of prizes and rare collection to grab. Each bonus produces a different action such as generating more coins in a matter of seconds. The gamer can collect Diamonds, Stars and Pearl. The Mystic treasure chests are sure to surprise the player.
  • Destinations: in Coin Rush - Free Dozer Game, there are 4 locations where the player can start the game. Places include China, Japan, Egypt and Las Vegas. Depending on the choice of the gamer, each destination offers its own game scenario, settings and landscapes.


  • Coin Rush - Free Dozer Game can be downloaded and played for free.
  • It includes a combo system giving the player the opportunity to upgrade in the game.
  • Graphics are in 3D making it even more addictive.


  • Some in-app items are paying.
  • If the game is running slowly, the gamer has to close some running applications in the background.


Latest update on May 28, 2014 at 09:33 AM.
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