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Concept Drift Highway Rally

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Concept Drift Highway Rally
Android - English

Concept Drift Highway Rally or also only known as Highway Rally is a car racing game where the player can drive on 20 extreme highway tracks. The concept is about finishing an itinerary in a matter of seconds. The gamer can choose among several cars to drive in different levels. Once the race over, the driver can have a look at his achievements and medals appearing on the interface of the application. This game is published by

Key Features

  • Gameplay: Highway Rally enters the gamer in a thrilling experience in car racing. He will have to swerve his car to avoid crash and keep the maximum speed to beat the clock. More than that, there are different camera views that the gamer can avoid or not. If ever, he is caught by speed cameras, pictures can be shared whether on Twitter or on Facebook.
  • Cars: concerning vehicles, Highway Rally offers 12 different cars that the driver can choose. They are in different colors and their capacities (Top Speed, Acceleration and Handling) are displayed on the interface of the game. Over and above, cars can be upgraded in terms of these capacities, in hood and wheels.
  • Achievements: when achieving a highway track, getting air time or drifting, Highway Rally grants the gamer with in-game cash. The racer can earn gold, silver or bronze medals and look at his achievement on the screen. Scores and achievements can be shared to friends and families.


  • Concept Drift Highway Rally offers a breath-taking experience in car racing.
  • Graphics are stunning.
  • It is downloadable free of charge.


  • Nothing to report.
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