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Crazy Jet Ski King 3D

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Crazy Jet Ski King 3D
Android - English
Crazy Jet Ski King 3D is a simulation game where the player has to park a water scooter in different locations. Incorporating several levels, gamers enter in a unique challenge where they have to dodge shark and other obstacles. This is far from being an easy-to-play game. It is developed and published by Chi Chi Games.

Key Features

  • Game principle: Crazy Jet Ski King 3D gives players the mission to land the Jet Ski at the seaside. They will have to pay attention to sharks lurking around. If the machine bumps into these animals, it explodes immediately. A step is being completed when the Jet Ski reaches the place reserved for parking.
  • Camera: this game is equipped with a unique operating 3D camera angles (360°). That way, the player can have a look at all his surroundings, grasp the direction and control the boat in an approved manner. Apart from that, a system gives the player the ability to rotate the camera at every angle. Even if dodging obstacles seems to be a child's game, parking the Jet Ski is another issue.
  • Controls: getting started with Crazy Jet Ski King 3D is simple. Joystick-like control buttons appearing on the Smartphone screen enables to control every move. The lever enables to move forward the Jet Ski. The handlebars, for their turns, help to twist the boat left or right.


  • The user can choose between the cockpit view and external view for display.
  • A radar is located on the screen to position the boat to the parking.
  • Crazy Jet Ski King 3D is downloadable free of charge.


  • Nothing special to report.
Latest update on May 16, 2014 at 02:05 AM.
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