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Crime City (Action RPG)

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Crime City (Action RPG)
Android - English
Crime City (Action RPG) is a Role Playing adventure Game that can be played on all Android devices. The gamer will have to build his criminal empire and start knocking down neighbors, steal valuable loot and other bad deeds. All weapons are made available at player's disposal to beat all foes. This action game is developed by GREE Inc.

Key Features

  • Game principle: the gamer has to create his criminal environment by building hotels, restaurants, casinos, and more. To increase his wealth, he can also buy properties and explore more than 60 areas. Crime City (Action RPG) puts at his disposal all the necessary weapons to become the most influential and wealthy criminal of the area. The mob turf war can start.
  • Massive Multiplayer Online Game: even if Crime City (Action RPG) can be played in solo, the game also offers a feature to play against others. This can be done via Internet connection. The gamer is free to invite friends as ally to help dominate others. It is also possible to fight and rob other online players.
  • Armament: Crime City (Action RPG) provides more than 150 powerful weapons that have to be bought to increase in power. The arsenal of weapon includes shotguns, sniper rifles and other guns. Apart from that, 200 missions have to be completed.
  • Miscellaneous: there is a huge garage containing different kinds of vehicles that can be driven at any time and in any mission. The interface is intuitive and eye-catching and achievements can be shared on social networking websites.


  • Crime City (Action RPG) can be played for free.
  • Graphics is really gorgeous.


  • Nothing special to report.


Latest update on May 16, 2014 at 02:09 AM.
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