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Dark Parables:Snow Queen(Full)

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Dark Parables:Snow Queen(Full)
Android - English
Dark Parables: Snow Queen (Full) is the third installment of the Dark Parables franchise. This release is available on all Android devices. Children have disappeared in the mythical Snowfall Kingdom. The player needs to enter the character of a Detective to investigate the reason of this disappearance and put an end to the fabled Snow Queen's plan. This game is also known as Dark Parables: Snow Queen CE or Dark Parables: Rise of the Snow Queen.

Key Features

  • Game Objectives: the formidable Snow Queen comes back from the dead and terrorizes the kingdom with her magical powers. She kidnapped children to save her life. It is up to the player to search for clues and solve puzzles. The aim is to save children and stop the cursed Queen (actually the Snow White).
  • Game principle: some scenes in Dark Parables: Snow Queen (Full) contain clues that will allow the gamer to go further in his quest and mission. The gamer will have to solve puzzles such as identifying items hidden in an image full of objects. It is also calling on the gamers' intellectual and reasoning potential to end each level.
  • Guide: for each puzzle the player has to deal with, Dark Parables: Snow Queen (Full) offers a guide designed to help him. Indeed, the little guide is supposed to provide him to complete all levels and finish the game.


  • Dark Parables: Snow Queen (Full) offers a high-quality graphics and an addictive gameplay.


  • This is only available in English.


Latest update on November 20, 2016 at 05:11 PM.
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