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Design This Home

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Design This Home
Android - English
Design This Home puts the player in the shoes of a home designer. This application developed by App Minis enables to decorate and expand the house. Every element in the house has to be arranged to make it even more attracting to increase its value. It all depends on the creativity of the home designer.

Key Features

  • Database: this game gathers no less than 700 items that can be arranged in the house. The player can position furniture, cabinets, walls and other elements that are customizable. The value of the output will depend on the originality and creativity of the home designer. The real value will be displayed in Dollars on the top right of the interface.
  • Construction and decoration: Design This Home enables to build a house and furnish it with all the necessary items present in its database. In all, there are nine full-sized rooms to decorate in the house. Apart from that, the designer also has to choose among six floor plans. Owning multiple houses of different values is recommended to increase scores and wealth.
  • Updates: Design This Home is frequently updated. Indeed, new items, tasks and seasonal decorations can be accessed each time the app is updated. There are still many other brand new items.
  • Sharing option: it is possible to share houses with friends. With an icon linking to Facebook, Design This Home enables to post the house on this social networking website. Another option is to send it via email and have friends' point of view.


  • Design This Home can be played by any user of any age.


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Latest update on May 21, 2014 at 07:22 AM.
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I love it ,love family and I compete all the time to see who design the better house
Best game ever
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