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Deus Ex: The Fall

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Deus Ex: The Fall
Android, English
Deus Ex: The Fall is a role-playing action game in which the player is put in the shoes of Ben Saxon, a former SAS mercenary. Victim of a conspiracy and threatened with death, he has to seek the truth and battle against enemies. With a realistic setting and good-quality graphics, this role playing game is addictive.

Key Features

  • Missions: the ultimate goal of the player in Deus Ex: The Fall is to survive in the midst of an international conspiracy. While searching for the truth, he has to infiltrate the Russian mafia and find answers in the shantytowns of Panama. Throughout his quest, he must absolutely stay alive and keep anonymous.
  • Fighting: in Deus Ex: The Fall, fighting takes place in different locations, from Moscow to Panama. The character can make use of different weapons such as machine guns and shotguns. There are also several spy gadgets. He is called to cope with war machines and manage to stay alive.
  • Fighting mode: to avoid getting caught by the enemy, the player can use sneak attack mode. That way, he can silently kill opponents without an alert. By opting for the action mode, he must directly face his enemies and shoot them at all costs. This option offers considerable risks.


  • Gameplay and the storyline are immersive.
  • Deus Ex: The Fall offers special music appropriate for various situations.
  • This game offers intuitive touch screen controls.
  • This latest version is optimized for S3 texture compressions.


  • This application is paid.


Latest update on May 28, 2014 at 09:38 AM.

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