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Dragon City

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Dragon City
Android - English

Dragon City is a Dragon breeding game that can be played on Android mobile phones and tablets. This game is developed and published by SocialPoint. The game is about breeding dragons, build a habitation for them and let them grow as quickly as possible. It can also be accessed via Facebook account and played there.

Key Features

  • Setting: this game enables the player to select his Dragon farm. Dragon City gives him the ability to make all changes to create a suitable farm for the dragon he wants to breed. It is possible to form dragon teams and create decorations suitable for each type of Dragon.
  • Dragon types: concerning Dragons, Dragon City offers several of them. The gamer can choose among 10 super dragons having their abilities (Terra, Sea, Ice, Metal, Flame, Pure, Nature, Electric, Dark and Legend). It is possible to combine dragons.
  • Fighting: the aim of breeding and training dragons is to let them fight online gamers' dragons. With thousands of players scattered all over the Internet, the gamer can challenge other friends' dragons. With Dragon City, finding friends is simple via Facebook.
  • Statistics: all scores, points acquired during battles and other relevant information related to the farm can be seen on the Dragon City's interface. Apart from that, the number of level ups, revenues, share points and others can be accessed on the screen.


  • Dragon City can be downloaded for free.
  • This application offers more than one hundred different dragons so far.


  • Nothing special to report.
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