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Dragons World

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Dragons World
Android, English
Dragons World is a dragon breeding game developed and published by Social Quantum Ltd. The aim is to select, breed and watch little dragons become huge creatures. The gamer is asked to discover different floating islands that he can convert into a real sanctuary for his dragons. New species can be obtained from two dragons.

Key Features

  • Construction and customization: with Dragons World, the gamer has to build his own park to welcome various species of dragons that he has previously collected. Dragons have to dwell on these islands. For example, the player also has to ameliorate the location dragons are living. Apart from that, each dragon is special with their own abilities.
  • Battles: the gamer has to defy other dragons to win prizes. Once creatures are mature enough, the gamer can bring him to the Arena to fight other dragons. The winner will be recognized as being the best dragon breeder on the area. Finding online players require Internet connection.
  • Guide: Dragons World offers a little help file where the gamer can find all the rules and restrictions throughout the game. The player can discover techniques to breed some types of dragons. This guide is not editable.
  • Social option: the gamer is given the possibility to make new friends. For this, he has to enter Game Center or use social networks such as Facebook to share scores and prizes. This option offers some advantages such as sending gifts to friends and others. It is also possible to visit friend's islands and sanctuary.


  • Dragons World is downloadable free of charge.


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Alternative spelling: Dragons World

Latest update on May 23, 2014 at 03:55 AM.

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