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Emoji Keyboard

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Emoji Keyboard
Android - English
Emoji Keyboard is an application that changes the devices' keyboard into an Emoji keyboard. This means that the user can have different kinds of Emoji directly appearing on the virtual keyboard of the touch screen device. This app is especially designed for Android tablets and mobile phones. It is developed and published by Klncity.

Key Features

  • Database: Emoji Keyboard gathers a wide range of Emoji, emoticons and symbols that can be used when sending an email, Twitter posts or an SMS to a contact on the device. To switch to another alphabet and numbers keyboard, the user just has to swipe left and right.
  • Category: Emoji stored in Emoji Keyboard's database are categorized by theme and genre. For instance, all symbols are stored in the same keyboard and ditto for all Emoji of the same category. A swipe of the finger is enough to switch to another category. A tap on the category enables to move to another page.
  • Setting: to enable Emoji Keyboard, the user has to go on Setting, then Language & Keyboard and tap on it. Apart from that, the user also has to change the input method. This option is different depending on the version of the Android. With a Font Changer, replacing the system font to Emoji Font is also feasible.


  • Emoji Keyboard can be used with Whatsapp and other applications that support Emoji.
  • The application is easy to start-up and handle.
  • Some changes and enhancements have been added to Emoji Keyboard for this latest version.
  • It is downloadable free of charge.


  • Nothing special to report.


Latest update on May 26, 2014 at 02:42 AM.
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