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Android, English
Eternity Warriors 3 is a Player Versus Player and a Role Playing Game that is developed and published by GLU Games Inc. This third game is packed with a new worldwide PvP leaderboard. Mawzok'Kahl, the Lord of Hell self-proclaimed himself the unique Heir of the kingdoms of Udar. A hero is in need in the Southern Udar and the gamer has to enter three characters to win the battle.

Key Features

  • Gameplay: the player enters the characters of three different heroes that are a Warrior, an Elf or a Monk. The mission is to fight the army led by the Lord of Hell and bring peace in the land of Northern Udar. Tournaments are organized to let the player experience an epic adventure against foes.
  • Characters: there are exactly three characters that can be played on Eternity Warriors 3. Each one of them, the warrior, elf or Monk is assigned special abilities and skills that are precious to triumph over enemies.
  • Real-time battles: Eternity Warriors 3 can be played in two different modes that are the RPG and PVP game modes. This means that the game requires an Internet connection to work. Numbers of online players are ready to challenge the gamer.
  • Chat: this game is endowed with an option allowing the gamer to talk with other friends. It offers the ability to ally other online players, create guilds and ensure victory over the enemy. The gamer can exchange tips, strategy and other advices with the online ally.


  • Eternity Warriors 3 is downloadable for free.
  • Graphics are gorgeous.


  • Nothing special to report.


Latest update on May 27, 2014 at 01:58 AM.

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