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Evolve SMS Theme - BH Slips

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Evolve SMS Theme - BH Slips
Android - English

Evolve SMS Theme - BH Slips is an add-on theme for EvolveSMS on Android tablets and mobile phones. It is developed and published by Block-Head. The aim of this application is to give a more personalized look of this texting replacement app. Color coded slips and photos can be attached and applied to the conversation easily.

Key Features

  • EvolveSMS: since Evolve SMS Theme - BH Slips is an add-on for this app, let's cite here some of the app's major functions. With EvolveSMS installed on the Android device, the user can profit from SMS batch sending/deleting and group messaging. Contacts' photos on Facebook, Google+ and on the device's contact list can appear on the interface during conversations. This application already offers 3 theme options that are light, dark and black.
  • Settings: to switch the theme of the EvolveSMS and enable Evolve SMS Theme - BH Slips, the user can go on Theme Settings and select the "Use Add-on Theme" and then, "BH Slips". Right after that, the add-on can be applied to the interface of EvolveSMS.
  • Slips: concerning Slips, Evolve SMS Theme - BH Slips offers four kinds. The Red Slip signals that the message failed to be sent. The Green one means that the user is still sending and the Blue Slip indicates that the message has been sent. The Lock on Slip means that the message is locked and cannot be read without passcode.


  • Some bugs concerning the display of pictures on the screen is enhanced for this version.


  • It is not available in Dark.
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