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Exchange by TouchDown Key

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Exchange by TouchDown Key
Android - English

Exchange by TouchDown Key is a License key that can work on all Android devices. Of course, it requires the installation of "TouchDown for Smartphones" or "TouchDown HD for Tablets". This enables to profit from the app's features more personally and securely. This key is developed and published by NitroDesk Inc. It is updated to support more devices.

Key Features

  • Comprehensive: this key can improve the use of TouchDown whether for Android tablets or mobile phones. It supports different data types such as Email, Tasks and Calendar as well as Notes and SMS for Exchange Servers 2010.
  • Customizable: Exchange by TouchDown Key enables to make the app behave the way as the user wants. It is possible to custom notification and even to activate the speech notification option. Apart from that, it also enables "pinch-to-zoom" and the viewing of tweaks.
  • Security: since DownTouch is already secure, Exchange by TouchDown Key makes it even tougher in terms of protection. Indeed, this key enables the exchange of PIN, Remote Wipe, Storage card encryption as well as Data encryption easily between devices.
  • Widgets: thanks to widget system, viewing Emails, Calendars and other Tasks can be done trouble-free. With simple taps on them, the whole content can appear on the screen. For example, this is quite essential to have an overview of the Email Inbox.


  • Exchange by TouchDown Key is secure and reliable.
  • The interface is intuitive and simple to use.


  • Nothing to report.
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