F18 Pilot Flight Simulator

F18 Pilot Flight Simulator
Android - English
F18 Pilot Flight Simulator is developed and published by Fight Systems for Android devices. This Flight Simulator is offering the gamer an experience to make the McDonnell Douglas F/A-18 Hornet take off. The aim is to test the gamers' competence and ability in landing the engine on a navy aircraft carrier. It can be played in two modes: night and day.

Key Features

  • Mission: the player's goal is to land the F18 on the tarmac of a navy aircraft carrier without crashing. F18 Pilot Flight Simulator has both a navigation system that is based on real flight and a communication tool to contact the Air Traffic control tower. This game also offers landing grading system that measures the weight on the wheels and other important information about cables, distance and others.
  • Game modes: this greatly depends on the choice of the gamer. Indeed, with F18 Pilot Flight Simulator, the player can choose the full approach mode or the quick approach one. They differ in the distance to flight before landing.
  • Camera views: F18 Pilot Flight Simulator is built-in with multiple camera views to facilitate its handling. The gamer can fly on any camera angle of his choice and use gear controls. It is also possible to have a complete view of the modeled cockpit. Replays from any angle are feasible.


  • F18 Pilot Flight Simulator offers high-quality graphics that are simple to handle.
  • The game is packed with an advanced physics system especially designed for Android devices.


  • F18 Pilot Flight Simulator is a paid game.


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