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Fake IPhone 5s IOS Lock Screen

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Fake IPhone 5s IOS Lock Screen
Android - English

Fake IPhone 5s IOS Lock Screen is an application allowing the user to give an iOS aspect to ones' Android lock screen. It cleverly simulates iPhone 5s iOS Lock Screen. The app also offers the famed "Slide To Unlock" appearance on the camera. What differentiates this app from others is that it is not blocked in case the user forgets the passcode. He just has to tap the "Home key" to come back to the original screen.

Key Features

  • Wallpapers: Fake IPhone 5s IOS Lock Screen stacks up different kinds of custom wallpaper that can be used on the Android device. Apart from that, it also offers the famous iOS Water HD wallpapers to adorn the Android screen and prank friends.
  • Lock Screen: this is the main feature of this app. Indeed, thanks to this, the user can have an iOS Lock Screen on his Android tablets or mobile phones. Let's note that Lock Screens can reduce memory and battery consumption. The "Slide To Unlock" can be applied at any time.
  • Password lock: once the Fake IPhone 5s IOS Lock Screen is installed on the Android device, the locking of the screen is immediately enabled. The user has to choose a passcode and change it if needed be. As already told above, if the user forgets the passcode, he can directly tap on "Home Key" to get the original Android screen lock and recover the password.
  • Miscellaneous: apart from these features, Fake IPhone 5s IOS Lock Screen can also simulate the Apple's best iOS 7 LockScreen to be applied on the Android device. It is possible to set PIN code to enhance the security of the mobile phone.


  • Fake IPhone 5s IOS Lock Screen is available free of charge.
  • It displays digital clock and date on the iOS Lock Screen.


  • Nothing special to report.
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