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Farm Heroes Saga for Android

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Farm Heroes Saga for Android
Android - English

Farm Heroes Saga is a game allying puzzle and adventure. Developed and published by, this game can be played on Android devices. The goal is to scare away Rancid the Racoon that is spoiling the farm lands. To drive him away, the gamer has to match 3 or more collectable cropsies. Farm Heroes are there to help complete this mission.

Key Features

  • Levels: the player can profit from about hundreds of levels with strawberry switching and carrot crunching. For each level, the number of moves is restricted. Needless to say that the intensity and the complexity of each level increase each time the player upgrades to another level. For this latest version o f Farm Heroes Saga, the player can play through 475 levels of carrot crunching.
  • Tools: to get through a hard situation or to upgrade to another more difficult level, the gamer can call on boosters, extra moves and power-ups. The developer of Farm Heroes Saga makes all these tools rechargeable which represent a great advantage for beginners. For instance, concerning boosters, Amelias' Airdrop and Turbo Tractor are ready to help the gamer upgrade directly to another level.
  • Competition: since scores can be shared on social networks, Farm Heroes Saga enables to challenge other players' scores. Indeed, via posting scores on Facebook for example, other players can enter into competition with each other.


  • Farm Heroes Saga is downloadable free of charge.
  • The game is addictive and offers gorgeous graphics.


  • Some in-app items are paying.
  • It is only available in English.
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