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Fashion Story: Valentine's Day

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Fashion Story: Valentine's Day
Android, English
Fashion Story: Valentine's Day is a fashion app for managing a boutique. The player is expected to make her fashion boutique flourish so as to attract the maximum of customers. The game is fully customizable and enables to order the latest fashion trends and especially those that are recommended for Valentine's Day. It is up to the player to organize and manage all articles to make them accessible for all customers.

Key Features

  • Boutique management: at the beginning of the game, the user has to open her boutique. To achieve this, she can unlock several fashion articles such as clothes, shoes, jewelries and bags that are unique and trendy. She has to track product's purchases and running-out. The goal is to juggle between the decoration of the boutique and the updating of some articles.
  • Customization: Fashion Story: Valentine's Day enables the player to create her own wardrobe following the latest fashion trend. Models vary depending on customers' recommendations and it is up to the player to arrange the boutique. For example, she has to select the room for make-up and another for hairdressing.
  • Evaluation: so as to check the development of the boutique, all kinds of profits obtained by the player are displayed on the interface of the game. For instance, the level of popularity, the appreciation rate and the daily profit are showed up on the screen.
  • Social feature: with Fashion Story: Valentine's Day, images can be captured and shared on Facebook. The player can invite Facebook friends to set up a fashion boutique next to her. It is also possible collect bonuses from these friends.


  • Fashion Story: Valentine's Day is downloadable free of charge.
  • It is easy to startup and handle.


  • Nothing special to report.


Latest update on May 30, 2014 at 03:52 AM.

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