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Android, English
GO SMS Pro is a messaging app for Android devices. Apart from securing data, the app enables to schedule, backup and to restore SMS. It is also packed with a function allowing users to reply to incoming SMS and Missed Calls on the Android. It is developed and published by GO DEV Team.

Key Features

  • Private Box: GO SMS Pro is an application allowing the user to select some text messages and hide them from prying eyes. This means that the app encrypts them via a password. Without the right passcode, the message cannot be accessed.
  • Themes: this application offers no less than 200 personalized themes for the free version and other paid themes named GetJar. There are also other themes (+200) that are downloadable from the developer's Theme Store.
  • Emoticons: to enliven SMS, the GO SMS Pro player is given more than 800 emoticons of various kinds with symbols and facial expression. It is also possible to add animated stickers to the SMS or MMS before sending it to a contact.
  • SMS B&R: via this option, GO SMS Pro enables to restore and backup SMS on the Android. Apart from that, it is even possible to configure backup settings. For this, the text message can be sent to the users' email address. The app offers unlimited cloud storage space to backup messages.


  • GO SMS Pro enables to send text and multimedia messages (up to 20MB file size).
  • The app can be configured to reply automatically to incoming SMS and Missed Calls.
  • An instant messaging option is integrated with this app.


  • Nothing special to report.


Latest update on June 4, 2014 at 01:52 AM.

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