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Helium Video Booth is a voice changer application where the user can record a video, utter a few words and then see his voice change into Helium, Chipmunk or others. The output can be replayed and shared to other friends on the Internet via Social networks. This version has been designed for Android mobile phones and tablets. It is developed by Appkruti Solutions LLP.

Key Features

Helium Video Booth enables to record videos directly on its interface. With special tools integrated to the app, a change is added to the voice so that it becomes hilarious. The app supports front and back camera as well as flash when recording. The app is built in with a Gallery that is storing all choices for voice changing. For instance, Helium Video Booth enables to change his voice into Chipmunk's, Lots of Laughs or Really Funny. The output can lead to a very hilarious experience. After recording the video, Helium Video Booth allows the user to listen to it at any time. Indeed, an option enables to replay the video over and over depending on the users' needs and preference. The output file can be shared to friends on some social networks. For instance, the file can be shared with friends on Facebook or Google+, stored in Google Drive, posted on YouTube or sent via Bluetooth.


Helium Video Booth is funny and sharpens the users' creativity. There is no limitation in terms of video length. Some bugs are fixed for Galaxy S4 Lip Sync and Lip Sync check box. It supports Landscape and Portrait modes.


Latest update on October 17, 2014 at 11:19 AM.

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