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Heroes of Camelot

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Heroes of Camelot
Android, English
Heroes of Camelot is an adventure card game where the player is asked to save the invaded Camelot. The goal is to reclaim the land's power and defeat the Queen Morgana and the Black Knight. It offers several game modes that can be played on Android mobile phones and tablets. It is published and developed by Kabam.

Key Features

  • Game principle: at the beginning of the game, the player has to select several cards representing a hero endowed with their own powers and abilities. He will have to collect and upgrade cards; create alliance, combat in the Arena with other online player.
  • Game modes: Heroes of Camelot enables to fight with enemies in different ways. It can be played as a Role Playing game, Player Versus Player and Multiplayer mode. It is even possible to enter into a Guild versus Guild combat session. The player has to previously form a guild of several heroes. Note that heroes have to be enhanced in terms of abilities and power.
  • Live Chat: thanks to this option, Heroes of Camelot gamers can exchange plans and strategies to stop the Queen Morgana and the Black Knight. This can also be useful to find out the Holy Grail together with other Guild members.
  • Enhancements: this latest version has been updated and a new Countdown Timer has been added to Castle Siege Events. Other improvements such as Castle Icons for each faction and Leaderboards for individual players have been added too.


Latest update on November 21, 2016 at 05:19 PM.

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