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High School Story for Android

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High School Story for Android
Android - English
High School Story is a construction game that can be played on Android tablets and mobile phones. Players will be assigned the task to create a high school of their own. They can impose their styles/look and recruit classmates. It is up to the gamer to choose the termination of the story. This game is developed and published by Pixelberry Studios.

Key Features

  • Profile: it is possible for the gamer to choose among several characters that are stored in High School Story's database. He can decide to be a boy or a girl, pick up a cloth fitting his style. With all classmates, he can organize big parties and unlock over 30 characters. It is possible to select classmates and play matchmaker if needed be.
  • Design and construction: once selecting a profile done, the player can then shift to other tasks such as building and decorating classrooms, constructing stadium and library depending on the available area.
  • Link friends: With High School Story, it is possible to link a classmate to the player's Facebook friends. To achieve this, he has to select the hair, face and style of the friends. After that, the name of the Facebook friend can be typed and this would automatically lead to his profile on the social network.
  • Improvements: for this latest version, new types of Clubs and Street Artist have been added as well as new outfits. It is now possible to decorate the indoor and outdoor of the High School.


  • High School Story can be downloaded free of charge.
  • Rewards can be directly shared and posted on Facebook.


  • It is only available in English.


Latest update on September 23, 2016 at 04:59 AM.
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interesting cool game
Love it!!!!!!!
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