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Hot Rod Racers

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Hot Rod Racers
Android - English

Hot Rod Racers is a racing game where the player can see beautiful and sophisticated cars that are listed in the best collections of car tuning. The player can choose the car to ride throughout the game and win numerous awards. He will have the opportunity to upgrade cars to make it more powerful. This version is designed for Android devices.

Key Features

  • Game principle: with Hot Rod Racers, the gamer will participate in a multitude of races that are taking place in several cities in the world. In each game session, he will have to challenge other professional car drivers or simply race against the clock. Cars can be improved to win races and get a good reputation. There are 13 different episodes to complete in the game.
  • Customization: the player is free to make all kinds of changes to his car. To do this, he can touch the car's engine and its overall appearance (especially color and design). With near-real graphics, improvements added to Hot Rod Racers remain very realistic.
  • Tips: to easily win the top spot on the Leaderboard, the technique is to avoid obstacles and dodge headlight flashing. The driver can intentionally cause accidents to slow his opponents and continue the race. It is releasing powerful equipment so that the player can increase the performance of his car.


  • Hot Rod Racers can be downloaded free of charge.
  • Graphics quality is optimal with the 3D urban landscape.
  • There are different crazy characters to encounter in the game.


  • Nothing special to mention.
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