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CCleaner for Android is an application developed to reclaim space on your device. It has different functionalities allowing detecting and suppressing junk files.

Main features

Suppression of historic: CCleaner for Android is able to scan internet browsers to detect all the files that can be safely deleted to gain some disk space. It considers among other all the download historic and the navigation history.

Suppression of caches: Some application stores also unnecessary data on the internal storage of the Android device in order to make their launching process quicker. CCleaner for Android can retrieve and delete them to free space.

Application managers: This application can list all the software installed on the device. The user can view both built-in and manually installed applications. He will be able to uninstall a software by simply marking them and hit the button "Uninstall".

Device information: CCleaner for Android can provide lots of information concerning the user's device. The latter is able to see used and free storage space, available RAM and also battery level.

System requirments

Platform: Android
File size : 2,6 MB


CCleaner for Android is a free application.


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Latest update on December 3, 2015 at 08:47 AM.
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very nice App
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