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WOT (Web Of Trust) is a Firefox extension designed to secure Internet browsing on the web. It is used to check if a site is safe or not.

WOT protects users from the dangers of different websites. Hence, they avoid scams, doubtful links and unreliable e-shops. The program will also identify adware which were undetected by antivirus programs. The application incorporates a blacklist of unreliable sites. It also uses reputation system based on the assessment or the general judgment of all WOT community members online .

WOT installs, an icon, a colored coded light in the browser toolbar. The sites are then classified according to color codes, namely green for good, yellow for doubtful and red for malicious. The extension includes an alarm function warning when the presence of a dangerous site is detected. It displays a notification on the screen indicating the risk level in 4 indicators (Credible, Reliable Commercial, Confidential and Security for Minors). WOT is compatible with other Web browser such as Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera and Chrome. Icons are displayed on the results of the search engines, social networks or URLs.

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