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AVG Mobile protects mobile devices from viruses, which users sometimes forget can also be attacked by malware.

Key Features

Once this antivirus is installed, it immediately begins a deep-scan of the user's Smartphone system, to detect potential threats. This process is quick and easy to begins, simply by clicking on the scan button, leaving the application to take care of the analysis. AVG Mobile is also able to scan the device's memory card and all of its contents, including music, videos, and images.

When the analysis is complete, the detected virus is displayed in the main application window. Several actions can then be taken, such as the quarantine or the removal of the virus.

This application is also quite customizable, allowing the user to choose to scan the card only, the system, or both. It can also be set so that it starts an automatic scan at regular time intervals.


Latest update on February 23, 2016 at 09:05 PM.

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