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A freeze represents a massive photo sync, i.e. a photo taken at the same moment by thousands of users and shared simultaneously on their social networks. At each freeze, time is stopped and people can discover the world seen by other users at the same second.

NextFreeze stops time at regular intervals, by taking a simultaneous photo, wherever they're located. People will be alerted, a minute before the freeze starts, with a push notification. A countdown will appear and a photo will be taken at the same time for all participants. Users will then have 90 seconds to share their freeze on their favorite social networks.

Each freeze has a special theme and a common hashtag. Users are free to follow it or not. If users play the game, the best freezes will be featured on social networks.

Other Systems

Next Freeze is also available on iPhone.
Latest update on May 6, 2016 at 04:45 PM.
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