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Audio Caller ID

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Audio Caller ID
Windows 2000 Windows XP Windows Vista - English
Audio caller ID is a tool that can be used by anyone as it is very easy to comprehend and use.It recognises the caller's ID and will automatically allow you to know who is calling and will thus allow you to take or retrieve the call.


As a caller will dial your number, you will have his name echoed through the speakers as the program will recognise his caller id. This system also works with emails and is very effective as it can also block the users from which you do not want to receive calls from. Moreover, you will be able to presave sounds and chose the caller tune which you want to assign to the callers.

  • The program will, if desired, display the call log directly on your website and you will be able to see exactly who has called you even if you are not at home during this lap of time.
  • The program does not require much system resources and will not annoy you while you are working on your pc.
  • Without even moving, you will be able to know who is actually calling you and be able to block or take the call.


Is not compatible yet with Linux or MacOSX operating systems.

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Alternative spelling: acllid21.exe
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