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Windows Communicator

2.0 (latest version)
Windows Communicator
Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, English
Windows is a competitive platform integrating several programs in its system. Windows Communicator operates both on local network and Internet.

Key Features

  • Text: users are given the choice to send public messages, private messages, or pop-up messages with rich and formatted texts. Windows Communicator gives the ability to send and receive messages to other online and even offline users.
  • Voice chat: Windows Communicator enables to establish a voice chat between two users. If you are using the last version, note that the application supports rooms and conference. All discussion can be done in real time.
  • File Transferring: this option is available both for people using Windows Communicator and those turning it off. The file will be received safely once the user starts the program. Users can share files from a local network or from the Internet.
  • Monitoring: apart from all that, Windows Communicator users are allowed to take screenshots from any workstations that are running the application on their computers.
  • Available languages: English, Polish, French, Italian, Czech, Portuguese, Slovenian, Spanish, Hungarian, Slovak, Norwegian, Arabic, Chinese, Turkish, Nederland, German, Croatian, Russian, Swedish, Greek, Hebrew, Latvian, Lithuanian, Persian.


  • Windows Communicator is easy to use with a simple and intuitive interface.
  • The application helps to monitor employee’s activity.


  • The application expires after some days of use.
  • Available in English only.


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