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Tab Suspender

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Tab Suspender
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Tab Suspender is a really helpful extension if you often find yourself with a number of tabs open simultaneously!

Registration date
Monday November 25, 2019
Last seen
October 7, 2021

Tab Suspender is a Google Chrome Extension that automatically suspends and hibernates inactive tabs to save up to 80% of memory. This extension can also reduce the overall load on your device, improve battery life and reduce heat.

Key Features

  • Improve Chrome Speeds by suspending tabs. These tabs then consume fewer processor resources.
  • Reduce Memory Use - Chrome consumes 3-5 times less memory with suspended tabs as opposed to normal.
  • Tabs are controlled automatically - You do not need to close unused tabs manually, the extension will determine which tabs are being unused and close them accordingly.
  • Runs offline - You don't need to stay connected to the internet to use it, which is great for when you are working offline.

How Much Does it Cost

Tab Suspender is free to download. There are in app purchases that can be bought for around £3.20 per additional feature.

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