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Open Contacts

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Open Contacts
Windows XP Windows Vista - English
What could be worse than not finding the contact of a person at the moment we need it. Open Contacts is a program which can help the user managing his contact information.

Key features

Storage: The program is able to store unlimited numbers of contacts along with their information such as birthday or email for instance. It stores them in a pre-defined fields but the user can of course set his own field storage.

Search mode: Open Contacts offers various search modes for finding rapidly the contact. The user can simply enter the contact's name and a list of suggestions will appear, or he can also search by date of birth if he wants. Backup/ restore: Some problems may occur with the user's computer and he may lose all of his contacts. This utilitarian has a backup function which can save those contacts and restore them. The user will not have to worry about losing them anymore.


Open Contacts is completely downloadable for free. It offers the possibility to print the contacts along with their detailed information.


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