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Zoom is one of the most popular video conferencing applications nowadays. Millions of people from all around the world use it daily for work or personal goals. It is free to use, has an intuitive and understandable interface, and a good quality of the video.

Key Features

  • Video meetings: Join video conferences on the go even if you don’t have your laptop close by.
  • Quality: Zoom has the best video quality so you will see your interlocutors’ faces clearly.
  • Virtual Backgrounds: Not only you can change your background in Zoom on your laptop but also on iPhone 8, iPad 5, iPad Pro, and later models.
  • Screen Sharing: You can present and share your screen also from your iPhone or iPad while in Zoom. Co-annotation and real-time whiteboard are also available in the app.
  • Messaging: Apart from video calls, you can also send text messages to your collaborators via Zoom, share photos, files, links, GIFs, emojis, and more.
  • Chat Channels: Create and join public or private chat channels with ease.
  • Phone calls: Link your business phone number to your Zoom account and easily receive calls, get voicemail and transcripts, and use call delegation.

How to Use Zoom for iPhone?

Zoom for iPhone functions like the original Zoom. You need to register and after this, you can easily create meetings, send invitations and make the most out of the program.

Is Zoom for iPhone Free?

Zoom is free to download and use with several limitations. To access the full package of features and tools, you need to have a Pro, Business, Corporate account (depending on your goals. The pricing for a paid account starts from $13.99/month.

Is Zoom for iPhone Safe?

Zoom is a safe app, though if you are worried about your data safety, read this article about how to improve security in Zoom.

System Requirements

  • Requires iOS/iPadOS 8.0 and later
  • Size: 146.3 MB

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Other Systems

ZOOM for iPhone is available on Windows and Android.
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