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Vivaldi for Android

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Vivaldi for Android
Android - English

one of the safest mobile browsers on the market!

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Wednesday April 15, 2020
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September 20, 2021

What is Vivaldi? Vivaldi is a private web browser specifically designed for Android devices. Among other features, it has a built-in ad blocker and it offers you private browsing, notes, possibility to capture your pages instantly and change the theme and layout. This is the Vivaldi browser download page.

Key features

  • Private web browsing: Vivaldi allows you to search the web with no tracking at all in private incognito mode. All your search history, cookies, tabs, etc. won’t be stored.
  • Ad blocker: Ad Blocker is already built-in into Vivaldi web browser. It blocks annoying ads and stops trackers that follow you on the web, which also makes your browser work faster.
  • Customizable: You can add bookmarks as Speed Dials to access some websites instantly, also there is a possibility to group your favorite websites by categories and folders, and change the layout and theme if you want to.
  • Other tools: There are many other tools that can come in handy, like Notes that you can sync with other devices, or QR codes scanner, and screenshots maker.
  • Cross-platform: Vivaldi is a cross-platform browser meaning that you can sync your browser on your Android with the PC one and see all your favorites, notes, saved logins, etc. across all the devices.

How does Vivaldi browser work?

Vivaldi browser works like a private portable web browser that doesn’t track your data and blocks ads. It is very easy to handle, like any other mobile browser. You simply need to type the keyword of what you are looking for and open the selected web pages.

Is Vivaldi a safe browser?

Vivaldi is a safe browser since it doesn’t track any of your data when you use the incognito mode. For extra protection you can enable automatic clearance of browsing data and WebRTC leak protection. You would ask: is Vivaldi safer than Chrome? Well, Vivaldi uses the same browser engine as Google Chrome, though Vivaldi doesn’t use the same business model as Google and doesn’t sell your data to advertisers. You can read more about what is the difference between Vivaldi and Chrome in Vivaldi’s official blog to know everything about Vivaldi browser privacy policy.

Is Vivaldi browser free?

Yes, Vivaldi browser for Android is completely free to download and use.

System requirements

  • Requires Android 5.0 and up
  • Size varies with device

Other systems

You can also download Vivaldi for Windows and macOS.

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