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Portable Offline Browser

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6.8 (latest version)
Portable Offline Browser
Windows XP Windows Vista Windows 7 Windows 8 - English
Portable Offline Browser is both a Website downloader and an offline browser. This portable version can be brought on a USB flash drive or Flash disks.

Key Features

  • Web downloader: thanks to this tool, the user can easily transfer a whole website or only some pages to its database. Portable Offline Browser can download up to 500 files simultaneously and copy them directly on the hard drive.
  • Streaming media files: if the user wants to play audio or video streams, Portable Offline Browser can make it possible. Giving them RTSP://, MMS:// or PNM:// URL is enough to have media files on the hard drive and play them offline.
  • Website monitoring: Portable Offline Browser is packed with a feature for downloading changed information on a Website. Apart from that, it is also designed to hang up the connection if necessary and even shut down the computer. Via the TextPipe tool, the extraction or change can be applied to a given Website already downloaded to the system.


  • Portable Offline Browser is simple and powerful.
  • It supports drag and drop system.


  • It expires after 15 days of use.


Alternative spelling: pobsetup-6.8.exe, pobsetup.exe
Latest update on August 25, 2014 at 09:25 AM.
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