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ClearContext Professional

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ClearContext Professional
Windows Vista Windows 7 Windows 8 - English

ClearContext Professional is an automated personal assistant which will help the user to efficiently manage his email boxes. It prioritizes the most important emails, organizes tasks and much more.

Key features

AutoFile: This option of the software automatically files automated documents to categorized folders. It follows filing rules but the user can create his own rules. He has two ways to do so, whether from the AutoFile button or the sidebar.

Tasks: ClearContext Professional can keep track of what needs to be done later on. The user has just to turn them into tasks or appointments and the program will automatically give a reminder and a follow up about one undone task.

Toolbar management: The user is able to customize the toolbar to what he thinks fit. He can for instance make abbreviation of the folder or project names. He can also add or remove available functionality on the toolbar.


The program is easy to use thanks to its clear interface.

It has a Mark Important function which enables the user to distinguish if the message is known or important.


This is a trial version of ClearContext Professional.

Alternative spelling: clearcontext-4.0.2.exe, clearcontext.exe
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