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3.192 (latest version)
Windows 2000 Windows XP Windows Vista - English

There are many accounting software that requires conversion and importing datas to manage processes of their own. PAYment application Made Easy for Excel (PayMEE) is a finance software in which are incorporated a Excel Model. That is indeed a practical job process if you generally use Office Excel.

Key Features :
-Payment application: PayMEE create detailed invoices. In terms of legislation, invoices made by PayMEE offers full security . Otherwise, the application gives different sample of invoices depending on the contractors and the type of project. This model includes both the summary sheet and the detail sheet.
-Modifying contracts : While making a project, many changes may occur and consequently alter the achievement of the project. Those changes can have huge impact in the contract. The application prevent you from its potential impacts : Invoices made by PayMEE includes in its contract potential changes.
-International facets : The application can be implemented on different places and situation. The contract may concern any kind of activity and whether you are in the United States or in Canada, there are available different customizable forms of invoices. Moreover, as the application is compatible with Office Excel, you can print any sheet from the application.

System requirements :
-Memory : 6.1Mo
-Operating systems : It can run on all systems including MS Office Excel : Win 2000, Win XP, Win ME, Win Vista, Win 7.
-Processor : Pentium 100MHz or more.

Pros :
-PayMEE can be handled easily as both contractors are clearly presented.
-It is free.
- No need to have Excel experience.

Cons :
-Its interface should be improved.
-We wish we could make an online payment to get a faster and safer transaction.

Alternative spelling: SetupPaymeeV3.exe
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