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1.0.2 (latest version)
Mac OS X - English

If you feel like needing to enhance and highlight a certain area of your screen, this application may be a great help for you. OmniDazzle offers practical features for making special presentation.

Key Features

  • Pixie dust: this feature enables you to turn your mouse pointer so that you can change your pixie dust. You can change the color range depending on your needs. This helps to create a spray of colorful sparkles wherever it goes.
  • Flashlight: OmniDazzle enables to create virtual flashlight following your mouse pointer. Users are given the opportunity to change the size and the quality of the light as well as the color background.
  • Cutout: the application also lets users to highlight some areas on your screen by using different shapes. For that, you just have to pick a shape (rectangle, circle, ellipse, etc.) and move your mouse to control the size of the shape. You can also customize the dimness, fill and borders of the selected area.
  • Other features: OmniDazzle can use Sonar to turn your monitor into a radar screen. Apart from that, it can also help to select whatever active window to highlight, help to follow the mouse move pointer around the screen, create a rippling radius around the cursor, turn the screen into vintage and also leave a trail wherever your mouse pointer goes with.


  • OmniDazzle is easy to use.
  • The application is great for presentations and screen shots.
  • It enables to magnify the selected area on the screen.


  • Nothing to report.
Alternative spelling: OmniDazzle-1.0.2.dmg, OmniDazzle.dmg
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