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What does it happen of your ancient PC when you think it is obsolete? Here is the resolution which will enrapture the unhappy possessors of the old processors, "Damn Small".It is a distribution of Linux conceived to be light because she can work on ancient Intel 486DX (even not Pentium I) with only 16 Mo of Ram.

This operating system works perfectly and seen allow to use it as quite other version of Linux according to the performances of your computer. It is time to stop putting PC of in breakage and to put on in service.


Alternative spelling: dsl-4.4.10-initrd.iso
Latest update on January 21, 2015 at 01:16 PM.
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its verry good because its very help ful to us..thanxxx
From where do you get such optimistic information ! I have bad experience with boot loader that do not install properly to hdd especialy if you have more partitions or hdd ! Many distros installs properly only to first partitions in the system --> hda1 eny other are feme fatalle kombination - bootloader grub or lilo nasty fail ! And no one bothers this much ! Free software --> free problems ! The more the freedom --> the more the problems ??? And now you can make a master degre on it, as so many times before !

Main Points it is very small
Weak Infos none

Main Points it is very small
Weak Infos none
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