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bat to exe converter
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Bat To Exe Converter is a program that can be useful to all developers. With its features, users will have no trouble managing their data in a script file.

Key Features

  • Conversion: as its name already suggests, Bat To Exe Converter is designed to convert BATCH files (.bat) Into executable files (.exe). This can turn the series of commands contained in a script text and data running on their own without using a command interpreter file.
  • Ghost applications: it allows users to run ghost applications without discovering batch files. However, Bat To Exe Converter can be used to create programs or executables for an installation package.
  • Options: for the creation of programs and executable files Bat To Exe Converter includes options for designing icons, for version designation and other useful information, depending on the type of file you wish to have.


  • This program is lightweight.


  • It could be considered as a malicious program by some antivirus.
  • Its use requires minimal programming knowledge.


Alternative spelling: Bat_To_Exe_Converter-1,
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