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Data Loader is a software which allows the user to convert data to different types of format. It can also import and export data to and from those formats.

Key features

Converting: Data Loader offers the possibility to convert documents into MySQL. He needs to select the source of the file and the target format. Then he has to browse and select the file he wants to convert. The process will begin automatically.

Support: The program supports MS-SQL, MySQL, Oracle and many files. The user can specify the destination during the loading process by clicking on the button "WHERE" and change the table names if he wants. It also supports bulk loading of rows.

Scheduling: It is sometimes annoying to repeat the same process every time we want to load data. But with Data Loader, it is possible to for the user to define the time and date and the software will execute the session.


The software has an user-friendly interface.

It has a fast speed for the loading process.


This is a trial version of Data Loader.


Alternative spelling: dbtrialsetup-4.6.exe, dbtrialsetup.exe

Latest update on July 2, 2015 at 09:11 AM.

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